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One Whip Wonder

One Whip Wonder

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One Whip Wonder is just that- one ingredient, whipped 100% grass fed and finished tallow that does wonders for your skin and confidence. Thoughtfully and slowly rendered by us to ensure the best quality possible and packed with essential fatty acids and vitamins- A, D, K, E, & naturally occurring CLA. Tallow is anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, antimicrobial and nourishes your skin on a cellular level. Tallow produces oils similar to the ones naturally occurring in our skin. OWW is non comedogenic- which means no clogged pores for you! This whipped rub will penetrate deep into the layers of your skin to nourish, hydrate, restore, and provide ample nutrition without essential oils, fragrance, fillers or harmful chemicals. Our regenerative formula is exactly what you have been missing and is especially great for those with even the most sensitive skin. We believe simple is best. Our tallow whip is unscented. Trust us- the benefits far outweigh the faint buttery scent the tallow naturally has. Once applied and soaked in you won’t notice anything other than glowing skin. 

*Each whip is sold in a glass jar and is paired with a complimentary plastic spatula. Our products do not contain any preservatives so it is important to keep them bacteria and water free.  


100% Grassfed and Finished tallow from suet.

How to use

Check to be sure your spatula is clean. Then dip into product and spread onto desired area needing nourishment.

Return policy

No returns available. If you do have any issues or concerns with your product please reach out right away and we will do our best to help you!

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