Tallow Talk

What is tallow?

Tallow is the result of delicately rendering animal fats to purify it. We only use 100% grass fed suet from cows to form our tallow. Suet is the nutrient dense fat that surrounds the organs of the cow containing many skin loving ingredients. Suet is rich in fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E, and K & possesses anti-inflammatory properties to help promote healthy skin. These vitamins are antioxidants known to fight free radical damage caused by environmental stressors. Vitamin E stimulates blood flow to our skin to increase collagen production and prevent signs of aging. Vitamin A helps with our cell turnover rate reducing skin irritations. CLA also naturally forms in the tallow and has been known to help with wrinkles, hydration, brightening, acne, pores and reducing irritation. Grass fed tallow is also low in PUFAS that are common in many other skincare products which are known to cause free radical damage to the skin. Along with our ancestors, we use the fat for its exponential benefits instead of letting it go to waste. The benefits of tallow are truly amazing for ANY skin type and will provide your skin with everything it has been missing since our products were replaced overtime with conventional toxic ingredients.

Tallow Sourcing

In order to receive the maximum nutrients of tallow it must be grass fed, grass finished, and carefully rendered. At Tallow Twins we source our suet from a farm in Iowa that goes above and beyond to produce the highest quality fats for our products. We triple wet render our tallow to get it to its purest form. The cows are hormone free and 100% grass fed on a regenerative farm throughout their life. This is important so that the cows are able to receive all of the powerful vitamins and nutrients needed from nature. They are treated humanely so we know using the fats from them are 100% best for us and for you! 

Where can tallow be applied? 

This one ingredient wonder is the most versatile product and can be used anywhere you need extra love. The ingredients include potent properties to aid in the healing process for many ailments such as: damaged skin, dry skin, eczema, psoriasis, burns, age spots, hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, stretchmarks, topical steroid withdrawal, ring worm, scars, tattoos, acne and much more. Ditch your toxic body lotions, topical creams, & steroids, and treat your skin to the one product it will benefit from.  

How long does tallow last?

Due to the nature of our products and no preservatives used please store your tallow in a cool dry place and keep the airtight lid on when not in use. Only use with clean hands or a spatula. If desired, store in the fridge. Best if used by 6 months after the date on each label. 

Tallow Texture

While we render every batch the exact same way, every cow is different which may result in various colors and textures. We strive to keep things as natural as possible therefore we do not alter the product in any way or add other oils to make the texture smoother. This means embracing every batch no matter the texture and letting your skin soak in the benefits regardless. If you receive a jar that is grainier than you prefer, simply take a few extra moments to warm the product between your hands to smooth out and rub onto desired area. 

We whip the tallow to get the smoothest consistency as possible for application. If you happen to scoop out a chunk just know it is an extra glob of goodness that didn't get whipped up. While we aim to avoid this, it does still occur at times. Rub it between your fingers to melt it down before applying it to the desired area. 

If your whip melts into an oil from being too warm simply place your jar into a cool place and allow time for it to return to a fluffy state. If your jar is too cold and the tallow is hard, allow time at room temperature or work product between fingers to warm before applying to the desired area needing love.