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Why tallow? Let us explain what so many of us have lost overtime. Tallow has a wide array of benefits for nourishing your skin.

What is Tallow? 

Tallow is the result of delicately rendering and purifying beef fat. We only use 100% grass fed grass finished suet to form our tallow. Suet is the nutrient dense fat that surrounds the organs of the cow containing many skin loving ingredients. Suet is rich in vitamins A, D, E, K. and B1. Suet tallow is great for reducing inflammation in the skin due to conjugated linoleic acid that naturally forms in it. CLA has also been known to help with wrinkles, hydration, brightening, acne, pores and reducing irritation. 

Tallow Sourcing

In order to receive the maximum nutrients of tallow it must be grass fed, grass finished, and carefully rendered. At Tallow Twins we source our fat suet from an ethical farm in Iowa that goes above and beyond to produce the highest quality fats for our products. They are hormone and antibiotic free and are 100% grass fed on a regenerative farm throughout their life. This is important so that the cows are able to receive all of the powerful vitamins and nutrients. They are treated humanely so we know using the fats from them are 100% best for us and for you. 

Texture of Tallow 

While every batch of tallow is rendered the exact same, each cow is different therefore some batches may vary in texture and color. We strive to keep things as natural as possible with no alterations to the product & that means embracing every batch and soaking up the benefits no matter what! If you receive a jar that is more textured than you would prefer, simply take a few extra moments to work the product between your hands to smooth the graininess out. We can assure you no matter the texture of your whip, the fats will melt into your skin beautifully leaving nothing but a glow. 

We also take time to whip up the tallow as much as we can without adding any other oils to make it as smooth as possible. This can sometimes result in chunks you may come across in your jar. If you scoop out a chunk, know it is just an extra glob of goodness and needs more time to melt before rubbing into your skin. 

If your tallow gets too warm and melts into oil simply place your jar in a cool place and allow time for it to return back to a fluffy consistency. If your tallow gets too cold and hard, work the product between your hands to warm it up. 

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